I Know Golf Is Hard

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But my lesson on Monday, with my new teacher, Tristan, was the first lesson I’ve ever had that I found hard.

(Before I go on, I should explain that I’ve not fallen out with my original teacher, Jon. I just wanted to try someone new.)

This was my second lesson with Tristan. The first lesson had worked wonders, creating a much more consistent game with far fewer topped shots, and more distance, mainly by getting me to keep my left arm straight at the top of a three quarter length swing.

But shortly after this I find I started hooking/pulling the ball left. Hitting it well, but just straight left.

Tristan identified that I was starting the swing with my arms, rather than my hips, and with both heels off the ground. All of which meant I was rotating around my right hip rather than moving towards the target. This was forcing, i.e. leaving no choice but, an out-to-in swing. Hitting the ball left was inevitable.

So, he got me to keep my left heel on the ground (lifting it off was something I’d started to do to avoid a reverse pivot), start the swing with a move of my hips to the right of target, and keep my chest facing at the ball as long as possible.

The drill to help do this was to shuffle my right foot towards the left. Well, look at the difference here:

3 Slide by slide

The image on the right, with my left hip crossing the red line, is a much more genuine impact position. This move allows, and helps create, an in to out swing path (which is much more likely to produce a good golf shot).

I practised this move out today, first at my local ground, then during a round at Bromley Golf Centre. I’m glad to report that I’m getting the hang of it!

The last three holes of my round were messy (+3, +3, and +4) but the first six went bogey, double bogey, bogey, par (GiR), bogey, and par (GiR). That’s just five over for the first six holes…and that included a three putt on the second hole!

Am pretty pleased with this.


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Better, but not… I’m getting there

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