Club Championship 2017 – Day One

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…and I’m in last place.

At least in terms of gross score. Net score is a bit better at 22nd out of 28, but I’m still disappointed because it could – and should –  have been so much better.

I mean, for goodness sake, I was putting for birdie on the first hole! I parred it, and parred the 3rd, and managed four bogeys, but really, after the 4th hole it just got a bit untidy.

And then it started raining…when it was meant to be dry.

Gross Score: 108 (51/57)
Net Score: 82 (38/44)

I think one of the problems is that I’ve started to improve.

(Reader’s voice: “Er, what?”)

I’ve played two midweek practice rounds over the last two weeks, in which I hit was able – thanks to the quiet course on Monday and Tuesday afternoons – multiple balls from one spot. In particular I was working on the irons from 7 and shorter.

The result is that I’m hitting them further, with the further result that some of the shots today went further than I expected them to.

Case in point: On the 18th my driver was a bit thin and low so went about 164 yards. The next shot was measured at about 126 yards, but uphill and with a big bunker on the front left hand side of the green to get over. So I played safe with my 9 iron to hit the ball short and to the right of that bunker. But I flushed it straight in to the bunker, from where I needed two shots to get out, and a further three to finish out.

This sort of hitting-the-ball-further-than-I-wanted-and-expected-to nonsense happened four or five other times. As if this game wasn’t hard enough.

Second and final round tomorrow. Until then!


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