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Leading the way


A good survey garners opinion; a bad survey leads!


These blogs are coming thick and fast as Lewisham Council’s position regarding Beckenham Place Park becomes ever more untenable.

I have just conducted some empirical research – well it sounds good and maybe by process of osmosis I have been infected with Lewisham Council’s ability to make far fetched claims without blinking an eyelid.

However, I did get a tad carried away with my research and pressed a button I should not have.  So, smack my wrists and I promise to take more care and not to do it again.

What is this research?  Well, I was going through Lewisham Council’s Children and Young People Survey with regard to Beckenham Place Park to see how it is structured and, as with all on-line surveys, you can’t progress from screen to screen without filling it in.  And, of course, I am not…

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Apparently I’ve not Posted Much

It’s true, but then, I’ve not been playing much, nor even practising much, so really there’s not been a great deal to write about.

For instance, November saw me play no golf at all. Nothing. There might have been a single practise session but that’s all. Even during the mild December we had, I managed only two rounds.

I need to, at least, make the time to practice, but man I really hate those driving range mats.

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I’m getting there

But like the frog who climbs up the well covering half the remaining distance each time, I’m just never actually arriving.

Having worked six and a half hours on Thursday evening I was allowed the day off on Friday, so I went to play golf (the weather was magnificent).

I managed some pretty good shots in amongst the rubbish and kept things mostly under control with a bogey six on the first, my first ever par on the second (that completes the set on this course) – thanks to a chip in! – par on the 4th, bogey on 6th, and par on the 8th. At the turn I’d hit 48 shots (though I didn’t know that until later, as I don’t look…actually CAN’T look, because my reading vision is so poor, so this is the one time there’s an advantage to ageing eyesight!)

The back nine didn’t feel tidy at all, though I did manage my 4th par of the day on the 13th, plus a one-putt bogey on the 15th, which is the hardest hole on the course. The most pleasing shot was my tee shot on the 11th. I tried for a draw, and managed a draw! Sadly it drew in to the rough (which my playing partners were surprised at – they thought it on the fairway), but it was still a good shot despite that finishing position. Amazingly I managed another draw shape with my approach shot on the 13th. This one wasn’t quite so impressive as I hit it a bit thin and it just went through the green.

But still, despite these good things, it just never felt under control, and with a comedy tee shot of about 25 feet (almost straight up, I’m told!) on the 16th I really started to flag, finishing +3, +5, +3.

A final flourish with a 214yd tee shot on the 18th was nice, but that hole is such a slog to reach the end of.

And yet, at the end, to see my score was only 101, was quite a nice surprise. I was convinced it was more than that. Had I just not played those last three holes 11 over…

So, four pars, only two three-putts, but five one-putts (my putting was solid almost all the way through) are probably the reasons why the score isn’t much worse than 101.

Maybe I do need to pay more attention to my score during the round.

So what was the problem? Well, the problem was a great deal of the time I just wasn’t managing to get the ball off the ground when playing off the fairway. Tee shots were OK, short game pretty good, but the longer fairway shots were, apart from a bright start, pretty poor. I guess at least I know what I need to work on.

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I Know Golf Is Hard

But my lesson on Monday, with my new teacher, Tristan, was the first lesson I’ve ever had that I found hard.

(Before I go on, I should explain that I’ve not fallen out with my original teacher, Jon. I just wanted to try someone new.)

This was my second lesson with Tristan. The first lesson had worked wonders, creating a much more consistent game with far fewer topped shots, and more distance, mainly by getting me to keep my left arm straight at the top of a three quarter length swing.

But shortly after this I find I started hooking/pulling the ball left. Hitting it well, but just straight left.

Tristan identified that I was starting the swing with my arms, rather than my hips, and with both heels off the ground. All of which meant I was rotating around my right hip rather than moving towards the target. This was forcing, i.e. leaving no choice but, an out-to-in swing. Hitting the ball left was inevitable.

So, he got me to keep my left heel on the ground (lifting it off was something I’d started to do to avoid a reverse pivot), start the swing with a move of my hips to the right of target, and keep my chest facing at the ball as long as possible.

The drill to help do this was to shuffle my right foot towards the left. Well, look at the difference here:

3 Slide by slide

The image on the right, with my left hip crossing the red line, is a much more genuine impact position. This move allows, and helps create, an in to out swing path (which is much more likely to produce a good golf shot).

I practised this move out today, first at my local ground, then during a round at Bromley Golf Centre. I’m glad to report that I’m getting the hang of it!

The last three holes of my round were messy (+3, +3, and +4) but the first six went bogey, double bogey, bogey, par (GiR), bogey, and par (GiR). That’s just five over for the first six holes…and that included a three putt on the second hole!

Am pretty pleased with this.

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Better, but not…

ACTIVITY: 18 holes, doubles matchplay
VENUE: Lullingstone, Castle Course
DATE: 17th May 2015

This was me and Mark, vs Lewis and Matt. Mark and Matt haven’t played much golf, at least not recently (Matt was using borrowed everything!), but as we started the 18th Lewis and Matt were just one hole up. It was fun, and the weather was very nice, if a bit breezy at times.

I started the day with a 204 yard drive on the first tee, and managed a few other good tee shots…but sadly some pretty awful ones. But fairway shots were much better than of late. If I remember to allow my front heel to raise off the ground that really helps me get in to the shot on the downswing, then if I exaggerate the follow-through the shot usually works out alright. Heck I hit a 3-hybrid shot 181 (and that was with the ball above my feet!)

Short game was good at times, and putting was often spectacular!

But there are still too many (I seem to have been using that phrase an awful lot in this blog!) blow-up holes, and triple bogies.  In this round: nine doubles, three triples, a quad, and a +6…and only four bogies. All for a total of 112.

It’s just not good enough for anything.

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Awful Golf

That’s what I’ve been playing. Hence no recent updates from me. There’s a few good shots here and there, but far, FAR too many poor ones resulting in triple bogies or worse.

There just always seems to be at least one serious thing wrong with each shot. And by “serious” I mean that I’m not being fussy.

On Sunday just gone (10th May 2015) my 3rd shot to the 16th green at Beckenham Place Park was uphill, with the ball lying one a very slight uphill slant. The target distance was about 114yds, for which I’d usually pick out my 7 iron, but considering the ‘uphillness’ I chose my 6 iron, and made a nice easy swing while making sure the slope didn’t make me fall backwards during the shot.

I managed to keep my balance, and the swing was good and committed, with a nice follow through. The strike felt good, sounded good, the distance looked to be spot on the ball as sailed beautifully in the air holding its line…except that it was the wrong line: 30yds right of the centre of the green…where the ball nestled in the rough, out of which I needed two shots to get it on the green, then two putts to record a 7 (one of five triples bogies on the day – I also had a couple of quadruple bogies).

That’s not a ‘me being fussy’ thing wrong with that shot, it’s a serious thing wrong.

A couple of the guys in the club have been very encouraging about my golf, telling me that I have  “sound technique”, “a repeatable swing”, “a good short game”, and that I’m an “excellent putter”. I think they’re being honest, but none of that is much good if I can’t string together consecutive half-decent shots. So far I’ve played fifteen 18-hole rounds this year and I’ve managed to break 100 just once.

It’s pathetic, and depressing.

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